Atelier Anglo-saxon project management

Atelier Anglo-saxon project management


The specific objectives are:
- To tutor students in a professional project involving the introduction onto an Anglo-Saxon market of a new product or service,
- To introduce students to the business environment and the culture in countries where the Anglo-Saxon influence is, or historically has been, strong,
- To introduce students to aspects of business culture in the target country,
- To introduce students to the theories, models and practices pertaining to conducting business outside of France.
- Topics covered will include: Canadian culture and business, US culture and business, Irish culture and business, UK culture and business, project management, business plan, creativity, contract management.

Business Culture and intercultural communication: Attitudes, Behaviour, Values.
Economic and Business environment in UK, USA, Canada, and Ireland.
Contract management.
Communication Skills.
Business Plan.
Creative thinking.

In each of the countries studied, discussion will include culture, aspects of the market, and consumer behavior.

Compétences acquises

> To enhance students’ awareness of the characteristics of the business environment and the culture of the four Anglo-Saxon countries studied.
> To develop an operational awareness of enterprise creation via the launch of a new product, concept, project or service in one of the four countries studied.
> To develop competence and confidence in the language of English for business.

Projets déjà traités

- Developing a concept of French bakery in the USA
- Home automation systems company in Canada
- Smart portable printer in the USA
- Delivery service company in Ireland New brand of connected benches in the UK

Déroulement et organisation pratique

Semester 1:
US Business and Culture
UK Business and Culture
Business Plan

Initial report
Initial project presentation

Semester 2:
Canada Business and Culture
Ireland Business and Culture
Public Speaking

Final report
Initial project presentation

Modalités d'évaluation

Assignments, Written exams, Group project presentations, Written project report.
Semester 1 : written exam (2 hours) 20%, initial proposal report 30% , initial proposal presentation (20 mns) 50%
Semester 2: written exam (2 hours) 20%, final project report 30%, final project presentation (20 mns) 50%


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