Atelier becoming an online influencer

Atelier Becoming an online influencer

Digital marketing, market creation, and entrepreneurship

Responsable de l'atelier

Matthew Hawkins

Établir une stratégie de communication sur les réseaux sociaux afin de développer une communauté

In this workshop, we confront the challenges involved in building a social media persona/presence. Specifically, you will be responsible for developing and growing a social media account throughout the year. It is important to note that your social media account does not need to feature you. In the past, students have made accounts for pets, selling nursing supplies, promoting their band or a student association as well as cooking, traveling, lifestyle and dance videos. If you like fashion, art, sports: Why not share your passion with others. If you like to draw, craft or make music? You can use this class to promote your creative outputs on Instagram, 21Buttons or Etsy. Or, start your own online store. This workshop is designed to give you the opportunity to develop the social media presence you always wanted. You define your project and select the platform(s).


Compétences acquises

At the end of this workshop students should be able to:

  • create an online profile based on a personal interest;
  • formulate strategies to build a social media presence;
  • plan and execute a social media strategy;
  • evaluate the differing types of value online communities bring to members/individuals;
  • propose alternative ways to improve someone’s social media presence.


Méthode pédagogique

To support students, give them the opportunity to work as a team and develop them throughout the year, the teaching methods includes both individual and team work: 

  • strategies and theory: We will explore, share, and discuss the strategies and theories behind becoming an online influencer. The presentations and activities associated with this part will count towards your in-class assessment grade.
  • class project: We will have at least one class account, on a social media platform. Collectively, as a team, we will manage and add contact to this account. This is where we can experiment with new forms of content that may not be appropriate for your personal page. This part will count towards your in-class assessment grade. 
  • individual account: You will develop a social media account (Insta, FB, Wordpress, Twitch, TikTok, etc). Thus, you will post regularly, engage with your followers and grow your community. You will set personal goals for your development that will factor into your grade. This part will count towards your mid-term and final assessments.


Modalités d'évaluation

The assessment is based on:

Fall Semester: in-class assessments: 50% - class project & in-class work (individual & group) and mid-term assessment: 50% - presentation (individual) ;
Spring Semester: in-class assessments: 40% - class project & in-class work (individual & group) and final assessment: 60% - written report and presentation (individual).

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